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As a participant you will receive credits for your participation called E-Points.
The amount of E-Points depends on the length of the survey and will be stated in the invitation email. One E-Point equals 16 Pence.

Example: For a very short survey (4 to 5 minutes) you get 2 E-Points
(= 32 Pence), for a complex survey (20 to 25 minutes) you get 12 E-Points (= 1,92 GBP).

As soon as your account has reached a balance of 100 E-Points, you can select an incentive from one of our partners.

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At Amazon you can find a wide range of books, music, DVDs, videos, electronics and software. You have the opportunity to redeem your E-Points for Amazon vouchers with a value of 16 GBP.

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